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Quotetopia matches you with what you’re looking for. Based on coverage and cost information from hundreds of top insurers, we make search a single step, connecting you with the best match at the best value.


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Exhausted with shopping insurance from multiple sources using different terms? Quotetopia knows coverage and works with hundreds of top insurers nationwide. Our search is your breakthrough!


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Insurance shouldn’t be a puzzle. But finding the right coverage can seem like an endless maze. And it’s too important to leave to chance or even a cursory internet search. We’re here to help.


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Insurance shopping can be paradise with Quotetopia! Based on your personal situation, we match you with the best policy at the best cost. Just that easy.

Frequently asked questions

Quotetopia compares the rates from hundreds of insurers to identify the best policy at the best cost for your individual situation. No endless waiting – an agent will call promptly with your policy. Everyone gets a match within 48 hours and many are matched within minutes.

No. We are a comparison site that enables your coverage needs to be compared with the underwriting and pricing from hundreds of insurers we work with. And presto – you’re covered.

Your coverage comes directly from the insurer and your premium goes to them as well. Quotetopia is more like a guide and matchmaker.

Yes. Quotetopia works only with bonded, reputable insurers and has privacy and security measures to ensure your information is safe online.

Quotetopia has you covered with auto, health, and life insurance.

To obtain insurance, you will be asked to provide identification and certain proof of conditions of the policy. For auto insurance, you will also be asked questions about the car you’re insuring. Some life insurance policies may also require information about your health.

All Quotetopia price shoppers are matched and receive notice within 24-48 hours. But in many cases, the match is made within minutes. A shorter or longer time is related to your search scenario but is not an indication of insurability – everyone gets a response.

Life is just better when you know it will be OK.

Quotetopia has answers, insights, references, and options for you.

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It’s natural to have a lot of questions when you’re searching for something as important as your insurance. We’re here to help.

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