How to Choose the Best Auto and Home Insurance Bundle

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If you are just starting a family and want the best protection for your home and vehicles, combining more than two coverages under a single policy could be your best option.

A combination of various insurance policies is a clever and convenient way to save money and manage your insurance.

However, choosing the best auto and home insurance bundle can take time and effort with so many options.

Whether you are a new homeowner or looking to switch insurance providers, discover our tips on buying the best auto and home insurance bundle, insurance companies with the best rates, and bundling prices by state.


Bundled Auto and Home Insurance: Tips and Tricks on How to Choose the Best Coverage

Buying Bundled Auto and Home Coverage: What to Look For?

An insurance bundle refers to the practice of purchasing one, two, or multiple insurance policies from a single insurance provider. When shopping around for the best auto and home insurance bundle, consider asking yourself the following questions:

  • Does it allow bundling multiple coverages? — While a coverage bundle is a convenient way to manage your coverage and reduce overall costs, you might want to ensure that you buy it at the right place, as not every insurer offers this option.
  • Does it offer multi-policy discounts? — Most people believe that bundling more coverage all at once is money-saving. This is typically true, but some companies selling only auto coverage may partner with providers selling home coverage. You still can obtain coverage at significant discounts, but this method often goes against the initial purpose of bundling coverage: easy management. So you might need to clarify your needs and personal preferences with the insurer to get the coverage you want.


Some standard bundling discounts are:

  • Advance quote discount
  • Anti-theft device discounts
  • Multi-home discount
  • Multi-vehicle discount
  • Claims free discount
  • New car discount
  • New or renovated home discount
  • Paperless discount
  • Pay-in-full discount
  • Safety features discount
  • Does the coverage meet my needs? — The best coverage is the one that fits seamlessly into your personal circumstances. It means the cheapest options are not even worth it if it doesn’t fulfill your needs. Keep shopping around and compare multiple options and prices to finalize the best deals.


Bundling Auto & Home Insurance: Considerations & Tips

Among other conveniences, the most significant advantage of bundling insurance is to save money on premiums since most insurance companies offer great bundling discounts when buying multi-policy coverage, with most insurers promising from 10% to 25% in savings.

Here are some steps and tips you should take into consideration when choosing to bundle your insurance policies:

  • Evaluate your needs: The first step is to assess your specific needs and circumstances. Consider the value of your home, vehicle, budget, and location, and determine the kind of coverage and qualities you are looking for. Plus, remember to decide what you need from insurance providers, such as customer service, flexible policies, and reliability. These factors contribute to more informed decisions when searching for the right providers that meet your needs.
  • Research insurance providers: Look for reputable insurance companies with a strong value proposition and a good reputation in customer service. Be sure to read customer reviews, ratings and unbiased inputs from independent insurance rating agencies.
  • Get multiple quotes: When coverage types and insurance providers are identified, obtain quotes for auto and home coverage bundles from preferred providers.
  • Compare pricing and coverage: Review each quote carefully and the claim handling process. Make sure that you understand the policy’s details and components, such as deductibles, benefit limits, and exclusions.
  • Check bundling options and discounts: Inquire insurance providers about any discounts that may be available when bundling home and auto insurance. Ask for any possible discounts on premiums as well.
  • Review the documents: Read the policy documents and terms and conditions carefully to understand all the components and limitations/exclusions. If you need help with something, clarify your concerns with the insurer before making the purchase.
  • Seek professional support and advice: Consider connecting with an independent insurance agent or financial advisor who can guide and advise based on your specific preferences and needs.
  • Cancel existing policies: Once you have identified your preferred coverage and set the time and date for the new policy to go into effect, it is time to cancel existing policies. Generally, your former insurance provider will take care of the paperwork following your request.


Best Auto and Home Insurance Bundle: 10 Biggest Bundling Discounts

The table below entails the ten best bundling discounts from insurance companies that can be accessed across the nation.

Average Home and Auto Bunding Discount by Company

CompanyAverage Bundling Savings
State Farm26%
Vermont Mutual25%
MAPFRE Insurance23%
Country Financial21%
The Hartford / AARP20%
Erie Insurance18%
American Family18%


Best Auto and Home Insurance Bundle: 10 Cheapest Bundling Quotes


It’s been reported that Auto-Owner Insurance quotes the cheapest rates for bundled auto and home coverage, with the average cost coming to around $1,878 per year.

Cheapest Auto and Home Insurance Bundle Quotes

Company Bundle Annual CostBundle Monthly Cost
American Family$2,178$182
State Farm$2,587$216
Erie Insurance$2,645$220


Top Companies for The Best Auto and Home Insurance Bundle

When buying insurance, keep in mind that the best policy is never the cheapest.

While competitive rates are the key motivator in encouraging purchases, looking at the bigger picture of the insurance company you aim to buy from, such as reputation,  customer satisfaction scores, customer ratings, and financial strength ratings, is critical.

When opting for auto insurance, make sure the insurer provides at least these six following coverage:


Let’s dive into top companies that offer the best auto and home insurance bundles.


Auto-Owners Insurance

Average bundling cost: $2,405

Average savings: 12%

Auto-Owners Insurance offers cost-effective rates and great discounts for auto and home insurance bundles. It also earns high scores in customer satisfaction.

Other notable features of Auto-Owners Insurance include:

  • Offers 20+ auto and home insurance discounts
  • Offers flood insurance
  • Offers motorcycle insurance
  • Operates on a mobile app
  • Offers good student discount
  • Offers car replacement
  • Offers gap coverage
  • Offers accident forgiveness



Average bundling cost: $2,434

Average savings: 6%

With services available in 50 states, USAA is a good choice for military families looking to bundle auto and home insurance at affordable rates.

Other notable features of USAA include:

  • Operates on a mobile app
  • Offer 16+ discounts and perks for military service members
  • Offers extended replacement cost
  • Offers classic car insurance
  • Offers flood insurance
  • Offers earthquake insurance
  • Offers smart home discounts
  • Offers good student discounts
  • Offers usage-based discounts
  • Offers motorcycle insurance
  • Offers gap coverage


State Farm

Average bundling cost: $2,341

Average savings: 26%

With the title “Best Insurance Company for High-risk Homes” in 2022, State Farm remains the top pick in the insurance market due to its nationwide availability and cost-efficient bundling rates.

Other notable features of State Farm include:

  • Offers an extra 30% discount using the usage-based program
  • Operates on a mobile app
  • Offers earthquake insurance
  • Offers wildfire insurance
  • Offers flood insurance
  • Offers motorcycle insurance
  • Offers coverage for rideshare drivers


Erie Insurance

Average bundling cost: $2,142

Average savings: 18%

Erie Insurance offers a relatively wide range of policies you can bundle. It also stands out from other insurance by its auto insurance rate locks that help existing customers avoid premium rate hikes.

Other notable features of Erie Insurance include:

  • Offers gap coverage
  • Offer flood insurance
  • Operates on a mobile app
  • Offers car replacement
  • Offers coverage for rideshare drivers
  • Offers guaranteed replacement cost coverage for homes
  • Offers accident forgiveness
  • Offers usage-based discount



Average bundling cost: $3,450

Average savings: 18%

Farmers offer a host of bundle options beyond just auto and home insurance bundles.

Other notable features of Farmers include:

  • Offers an extra 30+ discounts for home and auto bundles
  • Offers extended replacement cost
  • Offers smart home discounts
  • Offers car replacement
  • Offers earthquake insurance
  • Offers flood insurance
  • Offers good student discount
  • Offers motorcycle insurance
  • Offers accident forgiveness


Best Auto and Home Insurance Bundle: Cheapest Bundles By State

StateCheapest CompanyAnnual Rate
AlaskaState Farm$1,802
ColoradoState Farm$3,123
ConnecticutState Farm$2,503
DelawareState Farm$1,895
HawaiiState Farm$1,264
KansasState Farm$3,273
KentuckyState Farm$2,387
LouisianaState Farm$4,407
MaineState Farm$1,317
MassachusettsState Farm$1,562
MinnesotaState Farm$2,929
MissouriState Farm$2,401
MontanaState Farm$3,055
New HampshireState Farm$1,375
New JerseyAllstate$2,412
New MexicoAllstate$2,041
New YorkAllstate$3,924
North CarolinaTravelers$1,657
North DakotaAllstate$2,022
OhioState Farm$1,502
PennsylvaniaState Farm$2,381
Rhode IslandState Farm$1,383
South CarolinaState Farm$1,939
South DakotaState Farm$2,559
TennesseeState Farm$2,301
West VirginiaState Farm$2,207
WisconsinState Farm$1,621
WyomingState Farm$2,567


If you have any questions about how to choose the best auto and home insurance bundle, please contact us for a free consultation. 


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